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#本草賦 City Herbs

#草沐心 Herbal Heart

#友蕙生技 FECO Biotechnology

#J蓓瑟生醫研發 JCBesser Biomed RD


如果你認同本草賦Cityherbs的理念,歡迎加入我們!有興趣者歡迎點擊連結,報名截止日在 3 月 31 日。

另外,如果你很喜歡本草賦的內容,想再多看一點。現在也可以用 NT45 元成為會員,成為會員後即可多收到四篇文章。歡迎點擊這裡,了解更多訂閱方案細節。

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City Herbs is our brand, which is

hold on FECO Biotechnology &

JCBesser BioMed RD team to                                       website           WeChat              Fb                   me

develop anti-metabolism syndromes in this 21 century nowadays. Click here to understand more our efforts on you and your family, plz follow us via website, facebook, WeChat, and line app. We will share our knowledge for people who wants better in this world.

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Thanks for JCBesser Biomedical Research Center supported us for everything.

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