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DFS411 : 鱼腥草抗病毒的故事 (DFS411 : Houttuynia cordata anti-virus story)

DFS411魚腥草(Houttuynia cordata)目前已有271篇國際論文探討抗菌(卡他球菌、流感桿菌、肺炎球菌、近黃色葡萄球菌等)、包含消炎方面的症狀(上呼吸道感染、支氣管炎、肺炎、慢性氣管炎、慢性宮頸炎、百日咳、急性結膜炎、尿路感染等),以及增強有機體的免疫功能,白細胞吞噬能力,​​​​達到陣痛、止咳、止血、促進組織再生、擴張毛細血管、增加血流量等,其中21篇討論到A型流行性感冒病毒(H1N1)引發的呼吸道疾病報告、協同調控高血糖慢性病及其他腎病泌尿系統的報告。

DFS411 Houttuynia cordata currently has 271 international papers discussing antibacterial (catalococcus, influenza bacillus, pneumococcus, staphylococcus sub. aureus, etc.), including anti-inflammatory symptoms (upper respiratory tract infection, bronchitis, pneumonia, Chronic bronchitis, chronic cervicitis, whooping cough, acute conjunctivitis, urinary tract infection, etc.), and enhance the immune function of the organism, the phagocytic ability of white blood cells, to achieve labor pains, relieve cough, stop bleeding, promote tissue regeneration, expand capillaries, and increase blood Flow, etc., 21 of which discussed reports on respiratory diseases caused by influenza A virus (H1N1), reports on coordinated regulation of hyperglycemia, chronic diseases and other kidney diseases in the urinary system.


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